Article 13

1399.95. Standards for Approval Agencies




(a) An approval agency may be recognized by the board only if the approval agency has met the standards in this section. Once recognized, an approval agency may approve a provider operating consistent with section 1399.96.
(b) Each approval agency must have the capacity to evaluate each course offered by a provider in accordance with section 1399.96 and shall conduct audits of at least 10% of its approved providers' courses to ensure compliance with this article.
(c) Each approval agency has a procedure for periodic review of courses to ensure content quality and currency.
(d) Each approval agency shall have a procedure to respond to complaints.
(e) Each approval agency shall provide services to all persons or entities without unlawful discrimination.
(f) Each approval agency that also offers continuing education courses directly to a licensee shall have a means to avoid a conflict of interest between its function as a provider and its function as an approval agency.
(g) Each approval agency offering retroactive approval for a course must evaluate the course for compliance with the standards relating to courses found in 1399.96. The approval agency shall comply with the record retention requirements of 1399.96(j).
(h) Upon written confirmation from the board that an approval agency has been recognized, the approval agency may advertise that it has been recognized by the board.
(i) The board may require the approval agency to submit records demonstrating its compliance with this article.
(j) Failure of an approval agency to substantially comply with the provisions as set forth in this section, or a material misrepresentation to the board, shall constitute cause for withdrawal of recognition by the board. Recognition can be revoked only by the members of the board, after written notice setting forth the reasons for withdrawal and after affording a reasonable opportunity for the approval agency to be heard.
NOTE: Authority: Sections 2615 and 2676, Business and Professions Code.
Reference: Section 2676 and 2684, Business and Professions Code.


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