Article 13

1399.96. Standards for Approved Providers




Before it may approve a provider, the approval agency shall require that the provider adhere to the following requirements:
(a) Topics and subject matter for each course shall be pertinent to the practice of physical therapy as required by section 1399.92.
(b) Instructors for each course shall be competent in the subject matter and shall be qualified by appropriate education, training, experience, scope of practice or licensure.
(c) Each course shall have a syllabus that includes learning objectives, bibliography and either a schedule, for courses offered in-person, or an outline, for courses offered online.
(d) Each course shall have written educational goals and specific learning objectives which are measurable and which serve as a basis for an evaluation of the effectiveness of the course.
(e) When an approved provider works with others on the development, distribution and/or presentation of a continuing education course (joint sponsorship), there shall be procedures to identify and document the functions of each participating party.
(f) Each approved provider shall periodically review its courses to ensure content quality and currency.
(g) Each participant shall be given the opportunity to evaluate each course and offer feedback to the approved provider. The approved provider shall consider any such evaluations for the purpose of updating or revising courses.
(h) Each approved provider has a procedure to respond to complaints.
(i) Each approved provider provides services to all licensees without unlawful discrimination.
(j) Each approved provider shall maintain records regarding course content and licensee attendance for a minimum of seven years.
(k) Each approved provider and instructor shall disclose any financial interest in products recommended during a course.
(l) Each approved provider shall provide a certificate of completion to attendees.
(m) Each approved provider shall ensure that any information it disseminates publicizing its continuing education courses is true and not misleading. Such information shall include a statement with the name of the approval agency, that such agency may be contacted about any concerns, any approved provider identification number, and the number of hours for which the course has been approved.
NOTE: Authority: Sections 2615 and 2676, Business and Professions Code.
Reference: Section 2676 and 2684, Business and Professions Code.


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