Article 13

1399.98. Inactive Status




(a) Upon written request, the board may grant inactive status to a licensee if, at the time of application for inactive status, the license is current and not suspended, revoked, or otherwise punitively restricted by the board.
(b) The licensee shall not engage in any activity for which a license is required.
(c) An inactive license shall be renewed during the same time period in which an active license or certificate is renewed. Any continuing education requirements for renewing a license are waived.
(d) The renewal fee for an inactive license is the same as the fee to renew an active license.
(e) To restore an inactive license to an active status, the holder shall do both of the following:
1) Pay the renewal and any continuing competency fees.
2) Complete continuing education equivalent to that required for a single renewal period of an active license within the last two years prior to applying to restore the license to active status.
(f) The inactive status of any licensee does not deprive the board of its authority to institute or continue any disciplinary or enforcement action against the licensee.
NOTE: Authority: Sections 2615 and 2676, Business and Professions Code.
Reference: Sections 700, 701, 702, 703, 704, 2676 and 2684, Business and Professions Code.


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